Storage facilities at your fingertips

Our storage service is a great solution when you are moving to another place. With us, your belongings will be safe as long as you need it. We’ll make an inventory, tag and pad your valuables before our team places them carefully in the sanitized and climate-controlled vaults. We can hold and protect your goods until your new home or business is ready. During your moving process, you’ll need solutions that will help you to stay organized.

Our storage facilities are designed to fulfill all the needs of our customers. You have complete control of how and when you use and access to your vault.

Some of the benefits of our storage facilities are:

  • Climate- controlled and sanitized storage
  • Humidity controlled storage
  • Complete control of the access
  • Security features such as electronic gated access and video
  • Short or long term storage
  • Alarmed and sprinkler system
  • Office furniture, electronic and high-value storage
  • Automobile storage
  • Competitive pricing and low insurance rates
  • And much more…

What features are important to you when you look for a storage service? Could be Cleanliness and Security? We have them all. Our goal is make everything easier for you to handle and provide you the best service possible. If you need more information about our storage service, please call us at 925 232 4319 and we’ll answer all your questions. Trust us, we’ll keep your belongings safe.